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Peter is a very unique and professional coach with his special talent and enriched experience in training field. In my career I have participated many training courses, but I have to say the way of coaching demonstrated by Peter is one of the best. Sometimes, I think he looks like Master Yoda from the movie of Star Wars, wise and is able to read people's mind quickly. During the training course, he always inspired me and motivate me to understand myself deeper and more. I really enjoy it."

- Anderson Gong, Vice President, SHV China

Peter has guided us as a Management team since 2009 in various interventions. Concerning teambuilding, group dynamics as well as strategy meetings. Each of those interventions he was able to get the individual as well as the group to a higher level of awareness and sharpness. Peter has a very engaging style that seduces participants to trust him immediately and to open up fully and show vulnerability. He is strong and faultlessly in pointing out the effect people have on others. Through working with Peter our management team has developed more than once, not only as a team but as leaders as well. "

- drs. Kest G.H. Huijsman Managing Director B. Braun Medical B.V.

Peter for us is a “partner in business” for the company. We invest in young potentials through intense programmes where Peter has a dominant role in their personal development. He has a way to masterly and respectfully guide and touch young people from all over the world and create a great contribution in their learning journey. More than once our country managers were very impressed with the result Peter and his team achieved as far as the personal and leadership development of their people. I’m more than willing to share this quote from participants that I encountered more than once in many forms: “This journey with Peter has been life changing for me and he is the man I want to be when I grow up. "

- Gerrie Werkman-Mundi . Director HR CRH Europe Distribution

'Survival' in the Ardennes might evoke the association of 'Spielerei'. Peter Eussen en Mieke Bello have the professionalism to connect outdoor exercises with management development and leadership. When you are up to it and ready for it, their nuanced method leads to a fundamental development and change within your leadership, and in the execution power of the organisation. But realize: “ the ambition should be high enough! "

- drs Wim Boomkamp, Chairman College van Bestuur, Saxion | University of Applied Sciences

'Only compliments for the way Peter led this intervention. I observed with pleasure his professional, engaged attitude, his directness, frankness and energy. By means of his humour, sessions leave enough room for relativity and never become too heavy laden."

- Frank van der Ent, Director wholesale Tele2 Nederland

'Impressive and in parts inspiring is the way Peter guides group processes within a team. His role is stimulating and works as a catalyst to the latent potential of the participants. The experience exceeded all expectations, and took the team development through the necessary acceleration. "

- Drs. Marjolein ten Kroode MCM MIM, chairman Raad van Bestuur, GGZ rivierduinen

The special part of Peter’s approach is that he succeeds in bridging the programme of his training and the everyday practice at the office. The intervention is therefore much more than a teambuilding activity on its own. We made the transition towards addressing “ pre-Ardennes” behaviour in our daily feedback. Without exaggeration I can state that all our important decisions from now on should be” Ardennes-proof”. Without that they will meet huge resistance. The good thing is that everybody in the organisation feels free to comment on it. "

- Edwin Linssen, Director Retail at Plus retail B.V.

It was super and awesome! Spot on for what we needed. It was really bonding in an unprecedented way. We really created the cement within our team; and we would need one weekend a year like this. "

- Marinus Tabak, Team leader Eemshaven Power plant RWE

The power of the method lies in the depth review sessions following the exercises. I received direct feedback from my peers and the trainer on the impact of my behaviour. In the session Peter makes concrete translations of the training principles to the daily work (or private situation fort hat matter) Not only Peters years of experience in coaching and training groups, but more importantly Peter’s theoretical and intellectual background make the difference for me. On a daily basis I still practice the learning’s of the sessions, private as well as professional. "

- Participant cultural change program KPMG Meijburg

It really made the theory lively and tangible. I saw the link to leadership in everyday life in every exercise and in every reflection that we had. This was the first course that gave me insight in every aspect of my day-to-day leadership role."

- Niki Storey, Transformation Lead at NWG UK.

The outdoor activities, followed by some confronting discussions and exercises indoors guided by Peter brought the team closely together. The outcome from the ‘Wembay-sessions ’ was a fundamental improvement as team and as an organisation: more conscious of qualities, pitfalls, and limitations. During the training we came to a set of core values for the company and this is for years the anchor in our daily decisions."

- Drs. Bas de Sonnaville, Grain trader Middle East Nidera

Peter combines sharp analyses with humour that puts things in perspective. Peter combines sharp analysis with humour that puts things in perspective, and a ‘ down to earth attitude’. This creates a process that is real, raw and not artificial. "

- Wilco de Boer, World Taks & employment Services

Every time I see you I bless you for being such a wonderful human being and of course a coach. LINK remained one of most cherished memories of my life and all credit to you to make it great , and mind you your mentorship didn't go in vain , it helped me to grow and take bigger roles in business, thank you so much of every thing."

- Manish Kumar Gautam, Sales leader energy at Honeywell Building Solution, New Delhi, India