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Leaders and managers more than often have a desire to challenge their views with an independent professional. We have knowledgeable and experienced coaches, which enable the participants to get feedback and create inspiration. The fields that could be covered are:

  • Career change
  • Meaningfulness
  • Energy loss
  • Effects of restructuring
  • Burn-out

We employ a variety of different psychological instruments; among them “ Insights Discovery “ and MBTI. We hold official licences for the tools used. .


Our method of coaching is strongly behaviour oriented. The focus point is the real behaviour and the effect of it on the surroundings. The raw material of the sessions will consist of real life cases, and the actual behaviour of the coachee in the sessions.

Personal background, emotional development, experiences and expectations will be important pillars to reach solutions and effective behaviour. Dependant upon the blockages in behaviour we will look for ‘ restricting convictions “ that block further development. After this exploration phase we focus on the ' here and now’ and the possible scenario’s and developments. The style of the interventions will be pragmatic and sometimes confronting.


The sessions that will take place outside of the working environment will take about one and a half hours each. The frequency can be anywhere between once a week to once every 6 months.

The methods used in this coaching are:

  • The exploring conversation
  • Personality typing like MBTI and “ Insights Discovery”
  • Practical exercises for the working environment

Explanations of the ineffective behaviour through psychological modelling.


This form of personal coaching is suitable for anyone getting stuck at some point in his or her careers, through any form of pressure. But also or people that are looking for support and inspiration in their working environment.

Participants may come out of the following categories:

  • Managers that, because of the political playing field, lack sufficient independent feedback suppliers.
  • Managers or professionals that see the risk of moving towards ‘ burn –out’.
  • Managers or professional that get into a squeeze because of social –emotional issues.
  • Managers, who desire more reflection on their functioning and the meaningfulness of their role.
  • Managers or professionals that tend to get stuck in their careers, or might not fulfil their full potential due to ineffective social-emotional behaviour.